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Xcite Software Updates

Version 10.3.15

Minor updates

Version 10.3.14

Minor updates

Version 10.3.11

Major update to the tanning module, data and reports updated to meet current reporting regulations in most jurisdictions. Information retained on equipment used is fully customizable.

Version 10.2.12

Minor updates

Version 10.2.11

Minor updates

Version 10.2.10

Minor updates

Version 10.1.20

Added tools for using virtual gift cards (eCards), updated the inventory selector, updated a number of reports, various bug fixes, updated the help system.

Version 10.1.19

Added ability to print staff GST/HST codes on receipts

Version 10.1.18

Minor updates

Version 10.1.16

Minor updates

Version 10.1.15

Initial release of Salon & Spa 10, i/Retail 10 and i/Gallery 10
Improved handling of consigned inventory
Added cost of inventory sold reports
Improved other reports
Added report for periodic settlement with consignment vendors
Other minor upgrades

Version 9.1.24

Add client address and phone to receipts

Version 9.1.23

Repair error when running year end with very large client files

Version 9.1.22

Further enhancements to settings for the scheduler module

Version 9.1.21

Repair error in scheduler when open 7 days per week

Version 9.1.20

Feature enhancements and receipt error repairs

Version 9.1.19

Feature enhancements to reporting

Version 9.1.18

Feature enhancements to reporting

Version 9.1.17

Final release of version 9

Version 9.1.16

Bug fixes. Release of version 9

Version 9.1.15

Feature and ease of use enhancements, bug fixes. Beta of version 9

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