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Feature Gallery of Xcite Software


Not all features and screens shown are available in all of the product editions.  Check the feature comparison table for more information.

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Point of Sale Screens
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Point of Sale Register

The Sales Register (point of sale) is your intelligent cash register and the key to the system, it quickly manages your sales, automatically updates inventory and client histories, quickly adds new clients and places all of your critical financial information at your fingertips. It is compatible with most tax and international monetary systems and can be customized to meet your business needs. The speed and efficiency of maintaining your critical and vital information puts you above the competition. 

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Client Management Screens
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Client Management

The Client Center is the key to understanding your clients. It will make excellence in customer service a staple of your business. salon & Spa automatically creates the histories for each client and the Client Center gives your staff fast and efficient access to that critical information.

The Client Manager maintains and updates vital client information including, address, phone numbers, birth date profiles, notes as well as service, spa and tanning histories. Up to 100,000 clients, unlimited client service histories, tan records as well as an individual profile and notes for each client. 

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Schedule Management

The Appointment Manager maintains your staff and client schedules, accesses all client information, monitors conflicts and prints the salon daybook and individual staff and client schedules.  Easily input recurring appointments and block out staff not available.  Generate Tickets from the Appointment Manager and send then directly to the point of sale screen.

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Appointment Scheduler
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Inventory Manager
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Inventory Management

The Inventory Manager controls and monitors your product inventory levels, maintains supplier lists, creates purchase orders and sets up sale pricing. Tax rates and mark up may be individually set for each product. Unlimited retail, back bar, consigned retail and defined service inventories and up to 100,000 vendors.

Automatic generation of purchase orders, e-mail the purchase orders to your supplier direct from the program.  Order entry receiving tools automatically update the inventory and create supplier purchase records.

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Staff Manager
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Staff Management

Staff Manager supports up to 200 staff members with commission tracking on services and retail sales.  Know what products the staff sell, know what their individual sales are each day for each service. 

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Loyalty Programs
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Marketing and Loyalty Programs

Client incentives are an important tool in business growth and client retention.  You need effective tools to offer and manage the many client loyalty programs that are available in the industry from gift certificates, coupons, discounts, and loyalty points programs. Salon & Spa will give you the client loyalty program tools that you need.

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Reporting Center
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Salon & Spa gives you instant access to over 120 reports to monitor your business performance. The valuable client information alone will provide vastly improved customer service. Inventory tracking identifies those products which are moving and those which are not. A client's tanning sessions, spa sessions and gift certificate status can be closely monitored. Sales and products sold are tracked for each staff member as well as for the salon or spa.

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Customize Your Xcite Software Display Screens.

The sales register, client center, inventory selector and appointment screen have default locations when the system is first started.  If you want the screens in different locations and in he case of the appointment screen it's size, drag the screens to different locations and close the program.  When it restarts it will remember your locations and sizes.  To use other programs on your system all the screens can be minimized to the task bar.

point of sale

Feature Gallery

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Marketing Tools
Marketing tools



Loyalty Programs
Loyalty Programs

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